Intel Vice President Visit

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Dr Ann Kelleher is from Carriganima and decided to study Electrical Engineering after doing her Leaving U.C.C.   She worked hard in school. She had to decide between Veterinary and Engineering.  She decided on Engineering as she didn’t want to go far from home and she didn’t want to go to Dublin.  

She loved Maths and Physics.  In her opinion if a student wanted to study Electrical Engineering they would want to be good at Maths doing Higher Level or else have attained an O1 or O2 grade in Ordinary Level. 

In U.C.C. there were only 5 girls in her course and 50 boys.  Today a quarter would be girls.  She continued having got her degree to do a Masters as she loved Physics and then did a PhD from the Microelectronics Research Centre, now the Tyndall Institute and was the first woman to do a PhD there.

She had no Industrial experience and decided to join Intel in Leixlip Co. Kildare for two years as an Engineer.  However she liked it so much that later she became Factory Manager and now is responsible for seven Intel Manufacturing facilities around the world with a workforce of 13,500.  Intel today employs all types of graduates from a wide range of disciplines - Managers, Lawyers, Accountants as well as Engineers. 

Dr Kelleher felt that students should do what they are good at and enjoy when they leave school.  The Leaving Certificate is very important.  It’s a foundation for the future and students should work hard for it, but college may not be for everyone.  If you have a problem, you should face it and try and solve it rather than ignoring it.  Problems should be handled in a professional manner.  It is very important to have good communication skills, well able to write things down in reports and letters. 

She has a love for travelling and does a lot of it in her job going from Ireland to China to Israel and to different parts of America.

She is determined, loves challenges and feels if you are good at your job you will go up the corporate ladder no matter your gender.  She is in the top 50 most influential women in business in the world. 

We are grateful to Dr Kelleher for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to our students.  One of the students summed up her visit by commenting: 

 “Even with all her success she was very pleasant and interesting”.