Fifth Year Day of Reflection

Fifth year students recently attended a Day of Reflection with Declan Browne of the MIR Retreat Team in Mallow. The students discussed some issues that concern their particular stage in life and looked at how they can build the confidence and skills to face the challenges ahead.

All who attended were hugely positve about the experience. Some comments included;"Best day of Fifth Year, by far." "Very rewarding, would recommend it to all." "It was an amazing day that taught me a lot. It was great fun too." "It was a great experience, enjoyable and maybe even life changing." "It is a day to reflect on the kind of person you are and what aspects of your life you need to change, to become a better version of yourself." "Knowing how someone feels about oneself can boost one's self-image and bring out the strength in you." "It was a rollercoaster of emotions for all the right reasons." "It was an amazing day that taught me a lot, and a very fun experience." "It was a day well spent, I had a fantastic time. If you decide not to go next year it would be a pity. You'd be missing out."

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