"Dying to Sea" Book Launch

20160526 155039 Small 2

"Dying to Sea", the 1st and 2nd Year Creative Writing Project, culminated with the official launch of the book produced by all students in 1st and 2nd Year. This was an initiative led by the school's Development Education Program, involving exploration of global issues through all subjects to encourage understanding of global problems like inequality and injustice. Writer-in-residence John W. Sexton worked with the two year groups, building skills and confidence in writing and exploring the theme of migration through creating their own narratives. The book is the collection of these stories. 

The iniative would not have been possible without the support of Poetry Ireland, and the school is grateful to them and their representative, Moira Cardiff.

View rest of launch photos here: http://www.millstreetcommunityschool.ie/photos/203-launch-of-dying-to-sea.html