T.Y. Religious Education Field Trip

It was the eighth annual TY RE Field Trip to Cork.  It provides our students with a chance to meet people who below to different communities of faith in Cork.  It also serves to dispel some misconceptions people have about their beliefs and practices.  This year's visit was slightly different to the past.  The Cork Mosque is being redeveloped at the moment so the students were unable to visit it.  However, the mosque's Imam, Dr. Ahmed Halawa agreed to meet the students in Ballincollig Community Centre to answer their questions and to talk about life for a Muslim in Cork.  
From there the students went to the Cork Synagogue, where they were once again met by Mr. Fred Rosehill.  Mr. Rosehill who is Cork born and bred, spoke about the Jewish community in Cork - how at it's high point in the last century there were thirty families in the city, but now there is just one left.  All others have moved away or emigrated.  Mr. Rosehill told the students that with great sadness he felt the synagogue would be closed within the next few months, after 120 years, due to lack of numbers and considerable repairs needed to the roofing.
In a change to previous programmes, the students then headed to Cobh to visit St. Benedict's Priory.  This convent is home to a community of enclosed, contemplative Benedictine nuns also known as the Tyburn Sisters. They were met by Mother Marie Pierre, who spoke to them about their simple life of prayer and she answered the many questions the students posed to her about living a life as part of a religious community.
Once again the trip proved to be a great learning experience for all involved. Scroll down to see all pictures.
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