I was a boy in Belsen- Tomi Reichental visits MCS


The school was honoured to host a talk by Tomi Reichental, survivor of the Belsen concentration camp, in the school in September. Tomi, who has lived in Ireland since 1959 is originally from Slovakia. He and his family were taken to Belsen in 1944 when Tomi was just nine years old.

His harrowing story recreated the events of seventy years ago, reminding us of the ever-present dangers of racism, and the need for constant vigilance in our communities and society to prevent anything like this recurring.

Tomi kept silent about his experiences until 1993, when his grandchild's teacher invited him to speak to her class. He has been visiting schools since, bringing his message of both heartbreak and hope. Having lost 35 members of his own extended family, it is a difficult process for him but the power of his message means the story must be told.

The students and visitors to the school were deeply moved by his talk and are grateful to Tomi for sharing his experience.