PAC- your PAC committee

DSC09014 SmallMillstreet Parents' Advisory Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month, in the school, from 8 to 9 p.m.

The new officers of the Parents' Advisory Committee are; Chairperson, Eileen O'Sullivan; Treasurer, Michelle Casey; Secretary, Liz O'Regan.

PAC Aims

1. The advancement of the moral, mental, social and cultural well-being of the students of the students of the community and of the community generally.

2. The fostering of good relations between the parents, teachers, students and the school authorities.

3. To represent the voice of the parents/guardians.




School Planning

School policy documents have been produced throughout the school as part of the school planning initiative.

School policy documents continue to be developed in consultation with all stakeholders in the school community, prior to ratification by the board of management.

The school plan and the school improvement plan are currently under review.



Car Parking

Car parking spaces on the school grounds are for school staff only. Students may not park on the school campus, in the car parks or the bus park, and are not permitted to drive through the school campus.

Visitors to the school may park on the campus for the duration of their business in the school.

Parents dropping off or collecting students may drive through the designated area at the front of the school.

General Information


Name:                Millstreet Community School

Address:            Millstreet Town,  Co. Cork.

Telephone No:  029-70087

Fax No:             029-70179

Uniform:            Girls- wine skirt/pinstripe trousers; wine jumper,blue shirt, black shoes

                          Boys- grey trousers, wine jumper, blue shirt, black shoes

Parent/Guardian Days:    Examination Classes -------- October/November
                                          All  Classes ------------------- February/March

                                          Check calendar on the left for exact dates and times.

House Examinations:       Full Time-tabled Examinations ---- February & May

Reports:   Issued three times a year --- Report per Term
                 November, March & June.

P.A.C.      Parent Advisory Council meets on the first Wednesday
               of each month.